#9 “Heidi and Horst”

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“Heidi and Horst”Photo: Elisabeth GausemelProfessor Dahls gate, Bergen 1986 I was there Before memory Had time to formDusty meaning And you were there Friend So little timeDust to dust And I don’t knowIf I rememberOr forget Who we are A wind Shaking a featherFrom the wingOf a wild crow To float aboveAll meaningOf love ⁃Lazerus […]

#8 Burnt Matchstick Figure

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Burnt Matchstick FigureConceived and Carved by Artist Ane SommerstadVevring, Sogn og FjordaneWood – Clay – Horsetail Standing its groundThe Elder knows Earthquakes enduredPredators engagedSpecies generated Ancestral bones whispering If time is an illusionThen Mastery is its greatest fool – Lazerus Winter

#7 Nature’s Watching

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“Nature’s Watching”Yarn Art by Artist @AmiStreetArt I heard a voice coming from a small nestSeated upon a long low branch of a treeJust above my headThe voice sounded like the roar of the wildernessAnd my soul was devastatedSo I climbed the tree carefullyTo see how this could beAnd when I found the tiny nestIt was […]

#6 The Way Home

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The Way HomePainting Conceived and Rendered by Artist Bjørn KolbjørnsenWatercolor – India Ink – Red Chalk There’s a light in the heart of darknessThere’s a path in the forest primevalTattered maps and old equationsCould never be so true – Lazerus Winter

#5 Holocene Fractures

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Holocene FracturesConceived and Created by Glass Artist – Æsa BjörkMulti-Disciplinary Work Utilizing 3D Mapping TechniquesHigh Resolution GIF Rendered By Artist You wore a mystic’s maskPlaying a secret gameMaking light shine from your wombTo envelop usArc of tensionBetweenHue and abyssX Ray imagesOf Aurora BorealisWho in the hell made heaven?With it’s daunting allureDaring ball and chainTo fly […]

#4 Ausevika Helleristningsfelt

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Ausevika Helleristningsfelt, Western NorwayNorwegian Stone Age Art (circa 3000 BCE)Neolithic Artists – Unknown Photo in contrast – Torsvik / Winter Skin I’m inOf ancient originCamouflaged vehicleOf my inner life forceIn a mysterious worldSurvivalPredatorInstinctI standIf I move towards youOr run from youI must chooseBetween the linesOf fear and love – Lazerus Winter

#3 Planisphere

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PlanisphereConceived by Artist and Animator – Simone Hooymans I drank the drunken dreamLost found awakened drownHypnotic tunnelMagnetic lightWatery world brokeOxygen spokeAnd I criedFor I knew I had not reached heavenI was now a dreaming seedCocoon adriftCastaway wanderingPaths of jagged blue EarthIn search of a loving MasterFrom whom I would break free – Lazerus Winter