How to share your photo or video for the “Hidden Soul Of The Fjords” - Official “Reflections” Photo/Video Montage Community Event:


1. Choose a photo or short video clip (no more than 30 seconds please) that expresses (in your own unique way) something you Love about the Fjords of Western Norway and the one-of-a-kind Fjord Life. Share your experience using Art and Heart in your own special way and taken in what ever manner works for you.

2. Send the photo file (often a jpeg) or video file (often a .mov or .mp4) to the Hidden Soul Community Email - Please send your material no later than May 1st.

3. Send video files (which might be more megabytes than your email can handle) using WeTransfer - - WeTransfer is a very safe and protected platform and it’s free. You can send up to 2 gigabytes there, safely and privately, at no cost. Just choose the FREE platform when you first get to the webpage. WeTransfer is easy and safe and fast to use. You will add your email address as the sender and you will send to:


Follow the links to hear the first Single “Reflections” on various platforms for downloading and streaming. AND EVERYONE that sends a Fjord photo or video will also receive the mp3 of “Reflections” FREE as our way of thanking you for being part of the new Official “Reflections” video, which will be used globally.

Come join the community in expressing your LOVE for The Fjords with your Art and Heart. Whether you live in The Fjords or have visited them, all contributions are welcome from across the globe.

On our end? We promise to create a Montage Music Video that will honor your contribution and the Fjords of Western Norway for all the world to experience. We hope to have the video completed by the 1st of July.
If you have any questions, please ask here on the Facebook Site Page and we’ll answer as quickly as possible.

With sincere thanks to all involved - Heidi Torsvik and Lazerus Winter
-Bergen - 18.4.2020