Art Drops showcase diverse creative expressions curated with our friends and peers who discover great inspiration in the Fjords of Western Norway...


Art Drop #8
Burnt Matchstick Figure
Conceived and Carved by Artist Ane Sommerstad
Vevring, Sogn og Fjordane
Wood - Clay - Horsetail


Standing its ground
The Elder knows


Earthquakes endured
Predators engaged
Species generated


Ancestral bones whispering


If time is an illusion
Then Mastery is its greatest fool
- Lazerus Winter


"The king of the beasts survives
On the wind of the smallest wing”
-Lazerus Winter



Art Drop #7
"Nature's Watching"
Yarn Art by Artist @AmiStreetArt


I heard a voice coming from a small nest
Seated upon a long low branch of a tree


Just above my head


The voice sounded like the roar of the wilderness
And my soul was devastated


So I climbed the tree carefully
To see how this could be


And when I found the tiny nest
It was empty


Save for a cipher's clue


Written in broken egg shells


And once decoded
The message read


"The king of the beasts survives
On the wind of the smallest wing”
-Lazerus Winter



Art Drop #6

The Way Home
Painting Conceived and Rendered by Artist Bjørn Kolbjørnsen
Watercolor - India Ink - Red Chalk


There's a light in the heart of darkness
There's a path in the forest primeval
Tattered maps and old equations
Could never be so true
- Lazerus Winter



Art Drop #5

Holocene Fractures
Conceived and Created by Glass Artist - Æsa Björk
Multi-Disciplinary Work Utilizing 3D Mapping Techniques
High Resolution GIF Rendered By Artist


You wore a mystic's mask
Playing a secret game


Making light shine from your womb
To envelop us


Arc of tension
Hue and abyss


X Ray images
Of Aurora Borealis


Who in the hell made heaven?
With it's daunting allure
Daring ball and chain
To fly like a kite?


Remove the mask
For lost or found


You're home
- Lazerus Winter



Art Drop #4


Ausevika Helleristningsfelt, Western Norway
Norwegian Stone Age Art (circa 3000 BCE)
Neolithic Artists - Unknown


Photo in contrast - Torsvik / Winter


Skin I'm in
Of ancient origin
Camouflaged vehicle
Of my inner life force


In a mysterious world


I stand


If I move towards you
Or run from you


I must choose


Between the lines
Of fear and love
- Lazerus Winter



Art Drop # 3

Conceived by Artist and Animator - Simone Hooymans


I drank the drunken dream
Lost found awakened drown
Hypnotic tunnel
Magnetic light
Watery world broke
Oxygen spoke
And I cried
For I knew I had not reached heaven
I was now a dreaming seed
Cocoon adrift
Castaway wandering
Paths of jagged blue Earth
In search of a loving Master
From whom I would break free
- Lazerus Winter


Art Drop # 2

Sofia and the Mountain

Conceived and Painted by Artist Naeem Searle


On the edge of a thorn
I found love’s face
So to all souls unborn
Or who remain in this place
Let it always be sworn
Carved on entropy’s trace
I lived in Wild Grace
I lived in Wild Grace
I lived in Wild Grace
- Lazerus Winter


Art Drop # 1

Hornelen - The tallest sea cliff in Europe

Skatesundet Fjord

- Photo taken by Rolf Sejersted


“Dragon’s glacial heart thaws


A snowflake

Is the fine art

Of a blizzard”

- Lazerus Winter