★★★★ "Must-hear new release" - BBC Music Magazine, July 2021
"An hour-long journey through delicate sound and finesse" - Klassekampen, NO
"Singer Heidi Torsvik and composer Lazerus Winter have created a, so to speak, heavenly album with powerful, all encompassing stillness that quickly enchants" - Beat Magazine, GER
"A beautifully crafted musically induced emotional journey" - Gary Katz, Record Producer


‘Heart’ is the first of two new Summer Singles for 2022. A special newly mixed version created from the critically acclaimed album ‘Hidden Soul of the Fjords’. ‘Heart’ is a passionate song from singer Heidi Torsvik and composer Lazerus Winter, ‘Heart’ explores the very nature of life, love and courage.

Heart asks the questions:
Wouldn’t I write my name in blood?
Wouldn’t I drink the raging flood?
Wouldn’t I heal the wounded dove
Wouldn’t I steal the stars above?









Watch for the Hidden Soul of the Fjords Movie...
Animation, Dance, Fictional Drama, Fjord Film
A Transmedia Project of All Four Musical Movements