#10 – Bottle By Svein Thingnes

Bottle By Svein Thingnes
Made of stoneware which is Raku glazed and fired at 1320 degrees Celsius. The dark part is fishing nets (salmon nets) impregnated with copper-phosphate. The salmon nets are made of hemp which was used traditionally. The horizontal crack in the upper part is the result of placing a stone in the bottle before firing it which then causes the bottle to crack in this manner when fired in the kiln.

In Beauty’s mirror
The whisper of the gliding wing
The arc of a prayer
The sigh of a flame

In Beauty’s mirror
Swim all that shine
Force of tenderness
In love with a mystery

In Beauty’s mirror
Whirl tones and hues
Rhythmic sonic buds of promise
Seed ballets on fertile dance floors

In Beauty’s mirror
The care of a teardrop
Wishing well
For vagabond hopes of wholeness

In Beauty’s mirror
Gentle thunder
Siren song of a compassionate heart
Echoing life with meaning from breath to breast

In Beauty’s mirror
Laughter heals solemn satellites
Constellations are tickled
Rapture is captured in joy’s gravity

In Beauty’s mirror
This tempered tempest
Volcano in a bottle
For all to drink

– Lazerus Winter