Viewpoint #2 – Bill Pullman

Actor Bill Pullman
Bill Is “On The Road”
And Listening To The New Album
Read His Road Trip “View” Below…

From Bill Pullman – Re:“Hidden Soul Of The Fjords’, a collaborative effort between Lazerus Winter and co-creator Heidi Torsvik:

We are driving in through the hill country of western Pennsylvania and fusing the terrain with the four movements of “Hidden Soul of the Fjords”. The cinematic aspect of this subtly shifting journey of sound is underlined if you are moving along in a car and have the balances right on the sound system.

These two artists are patient and yet energetic in the layered progression of each movement. I recommend you take this voyage with them. You’ll have your favorite sections and maybe sections you will need a second listen to. I’m getting ready to listen again. I want to see why I found the last minutes of each of the movements so graceful, tasty and truthful.

Bill Pullman – (Somewhere on the road) – 9.27.2020