Viewpoint #6 BBC Magazine


It is a Dream Come True for ‘Hidden Soul of the Fjords’ to receive 4 Stars from ‘BBC Music Magazine’ (July)
The world’s most read classical music publication Colour us surprised and delighted…

A spellbound, shimmering sense of place is revealed on ‘Hidden Soul of the Fjords’ by Bergen-based singer Heidi Torsvik and American composer/producer Winter Lazerus.

Torsvik sings vaguely anodyne musings in English on early settler’s life in the Fjord regions of Western Norway. The Music ranges through ambient electronica, hip-hop and contemporary classical, with jazz sax, guitar and hardanger fiddle by several leading Norwegian musicians over four lengthy pieces.

It’s augmented with field recordings that include birds twittering in some shady grove. The overall vibe is placidly maritime and chilly, but also rather chilled.

Jon Lusk – BBC Music